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When Should One Go For A Joint Replacement Surfery

A joint is where two bones in the body meet. These are further connected by cartilage, which allow free movement. Over time, the joints are susceptible to harm through injuries or diseases such as arthritis and can cause immense pain, stiffness or discomfort. If not treated on time, damaged joints can cause irregularities in blood flow, hampered growth and reduced chances of self-repair.

What is a joint replacement surgery?

To treat the dysfunctions that the joints face, an orthopedic recommends some physiotherapy or medicines. If all of these fail to work and pain persists, making it difficult for the person to move around, a joint replacement surgery is recommended by the orthopedic.

In this surgery, the poorly functioning joint is replaced with a man-made joint. The procedure usually takes a couple of hours unless there are other factors affecting it.


When should you consider a joint replacement surgery?

It is important to know when to start thinking about surgery because the human body is unable to repair itself after a certain age. Be it a knee replacement or a hip replacement, it essential to go to the orthopedic and discuss best solutions.

The following are factors one could consider:

  • Prolonged use of pain relievers and medicines that are proving to be ineffective
  • Increase in pain over time.
  • Inability to perform basic daily activities

Symptoms of Orthopedic Disorders

If a person is unsure of the specifics or type of orthopedic disorder, it can still be understood if immediate attention is required for the same through certain symptoms. These are main symptoms that indicate an orthopedic disorder, which if aggravated, may require a joint replacement surgery:

  • Regular stiffness and difficulty in moving the joints
  • Swelling in the joins
  • Redness or warmth in the area of the joint
  • Recurring pain and discomfort in movement
  • Abnormal noises or sound of the rubbing of the joints or bones

Before Replacing the Joint

Before one thinks of opting for the surgery, there are several things to do and keep in mind:

  • X-Rays have to be taken to understand where the problems lie in the joint.
  • If blood transfusion is to be required at anytime, blood tests and arrangements for the blood are made.
  • The type of implant to be inserted is decided.
  • Measurements and sizes are taken for complete accuracy of the implant.

Post the joint replacement surgery the individual will have to go through physiotherapy for continued movement in the joint and to prevent stiffness. A joint replacement is extremely useful in the long run and implants now last up to 20 years without any problems. However, it is essential to consider all the possible factors and consulting with a credible orthopedic before going ahead with the joint replacement surgery.

It is essential for one to keep exercising or continuing any physical activity to ensure that the bones and joints do not get rusty. A good and healthy diet should also be followed. Orthopedic issues can be caused by anything but by maintaining a healthy lifestyle these problems can be prevented even in the future.




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