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What To Expect Before, During And After Angioplasty?

Dr. Subrat Akhoury

Once a patient has been selected to undergo angioplasty, before the procedure, part preparation (shaving) of groin and wrist are usually done. Depending upon the need and decision by treating cardiologist other parts may also be prepared. Few necessary blood investigations are sent especially complete blood count, kidney function tests and viral biomarkers. Your treating cardiologist will review any risks of the procedure and the anesthesia if needed as well as obtain your informed consent which gives your cardiologist permission to perform the procedure. In case you are not able to give consent – one of your relative will give the consent.

During the procedure you will lie on a table in cardiac catheterization laboratory and be mildly sedated if you are too anxious but you will remain awake throughout the procedure unless indicated otherwise.

The interventional cardiologist will use a small needle to inject local anesthetic idocaine in groin or in the forearm. (This needle prick could be the only pain you will feel throughout the procedure)

Sometimes while balloon is inflated to open the blocked artery you may feel chest pain transiently.

After the procedure, you will have to follow the instructions by cardiologist like immobilization of limbs, when to eat. You should ask your doctor if you have queries.

Associate Director, Cath Lab & Interventional Cardiologist, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), Faridabad

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