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Have a sore throat? Blame the weather

By Dr Rajesh Gokani

The last two months of the past year brought along cold winds and the city experienced the chills, a sign that winter was here. Although the festive season has ended and the New Year has begun, the city has also experienced a shift in temperature conditions, mostly a fluctuating weather timetable.

Due to the impact of change in weather conditions ranging from 21°C to 34°C, especially in the night and early mornings, a lot of Mumbaikar’s  have been experiencing seasonal flu’s. Out of which majority have visited their Physician complaining about a sore throat. While about 15-20% of Mumbaikar’s across age groups have been affected with this problem, it is more commonly seen amongst school going children and infants. The most common allergies identified are Allergy Rhinitis (running nose, fever, sneezing and watering of eyes) as well as Viral Pharyngitis (pain while swallowing, cold and cough).

You should consider the following steps to treat your sore throat and to avoid any further infections:

  • Morning walks are avoidable: It is recommended that morning walks be avoided due to the dust and dew in the morning air, especially around5am. One can go for a walk post 6:30/7am
  • Avoid antibiotics: There is no need for antibiotics unless the temperature is high or if a person experiences breathlessness and high grade fever. In this regard, it is best to visit your doctor for guided treatment, do not self-medicate
  • Follow the dosage: Make sure you follow the course of medication, as prescribed. Avoid neglecting your course once your problems ceases. It is important to complete the entire course
  • Ditch the junk: One must avoid junk, fried food and cold drinks
  • Home intervention: There are no such home remedies, but one can have Tulsi or Ginger tea, salt water gargling and sips of hot water frequently during the day could also help
  • Eat right: Immunity is generally low at this point of time, make sure you consume a nutritious diet. To boost immunity, drinking water with a tinge of honey will help fight the mucous accumulated in the lungs. One must have small frequent meals which are healthy and avoid outside food

Is a General Physician, SL Raheja Hospital- A Fortis Associate Hospital.

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