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IVH Recovery Assistance services help you by arranging follow-up consultation with the doctor, assisting with discharge formalities and monitoring all post-surgery recovery needs. Through our tech-centric solution we aim to provide consistent support even after you have been discharged and keep you well informed about post-op aspects of the treatment. Our recovery assistant will take care of post procedure requirement of patients in form of follow up consultations, medicine adherence and patient education thus ensuring constant engagement with patient. Provide regular updates so that any important step in recover is not missed. Collecting discharge summary and educate the patient how to follow the advice of doctor and how to take medicines. Patient can approach IVH anytime for repeat visit and referrals using their unique ID. In our Wellness Services, we offer Alternate Medicine options such as Yoga/Ayurveda/Naturopathy. Patients and their relatives can utilise this unique opportunity of exploring Indian culture and healing through natural methods