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You are considering a treatment in India and you realize that, while deciding the facility or the doctor to get the treatment from is primary, taking financial decisions too requires considerable thought. And here you are, faced with yet another dilemma and these questions bother you- How do I pay for my treatment? What if I cannot arrange the entire amount now? Maybe you are in need of an urgent procedure and don’t have much time to make such financial decisions. Stress not, because IVH Wallet makes your life a little easier so you don’t have to worry about finances. IVH Wallet provides financial facilitation in the form of easy, on-the-spot loans. We have partnered with banks which grant you loans that can be paid off in the form of EMIs. How relieving it is to know that there is someone to take care of finances while you can focus your energies towards preparing for the procedure? If you are looking for another payment option that would make your trip completely hassle-free and convenient, it is a pre-paid FOREX card we provide you with, that you can load with a foreign currency in India. Not only is it easy to carry around, it is also a cheaper option than buying currency or a debit/credit card. Our tech-based solution aims to simplify your healthcare journey. And now that we have solved this dilemma for you, there is no stopping you from taking your next step towards a better health with confidence.