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IVH PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service)

India Virtual Hospital (IVH)’s new initiative for PSUs and Corporates — IVH PALS (Patient Advice & Liaison Service) — is a Unique Employee Health Assistance and Wellness Programme that facilitates effective, easy and ethical healthcare services for all the employees.

With PSUs and Corporate increasingly going in for effective healthcare programmes to provide a comprehensive welfare ecosystem to their employees, IVH PALS is well suited to cater to their needs. Leveraging our wide Patient Care Partner Network across the country and robust technology module including IVH APP, we can seamlessly cater to four major requirements of working professionals:

  1. Quick and timely medical support to all staff & their families
  2. Choice of multiple and cost-effective health care options
  3. Proper guidance and care with personalised attention
  4. Wellness, Occupational & Preventive Health Programmes
  5. Special discounts and rates

Since, we are not aligned with just one hospital group or healthcare provider, we provide services with a neutral and unbiased approach. The model is employee-centric so that he or she is rightly empowered to have a hassle-free treatment experience at effective costs, is continuously guided and counselled and is made aware of the benefits of good health leading to better productivity and satisfaction. To make employees feel more valued, connected and cared for, our model includes even their family members & the retired employees too.

A professional organisation with doctors, healthcare professionals, patient guides on board, IVH  PALS team is trained to support and help employees to manage their health, medical and surgical care. It helps patient to take an informed decision with expert consultations, working out the best medical plan, coordinating with the hospital team for hospitalisation & procedure and providing much-required counselling for patients & their family members along with post-operation recovery needs and services. IVH PALS Hospital Companion takes responsibility for high-end experience and care by handholding of the patient during the whole treatment journey. It provides confidence, support, and reassurance at a time when the patient needs to put all her energies and thoughts toward preparing for procedures and having a stress-free recovery.

IVH PALS Offerings

IVH PALS Offerings primarily takes into account three major components after the Wellness Audit and Healthcare Process & Delivery Audit of the organisation:

  1. Treatment of Illness & Disease including Emergency & Trauma Care
  2. This is done with specific needs of the employees and their family members with the objective to provide them with the best available treatment at the right cost. Leveraging the vast & wide network of India Virtual Hospital, employees are not only guided and informed to take the correct treatment but assisted at the time of admission and discharge.

  3. Management of Specific Diseases
  4. This is appropriate if the target population consists mostly of high-risk individuals. A programme is developed to tackle such illnesses as type 2 diabetes and heart disease. The programme also helps individuals manage and reduce their risk factors.

  5. Management of Behavioural Risks (or risk factor reduction)
  6. This is a more broad-based approach. It focuses on unhealthy lifestyle choices such as smoking and lack of exercise and can include workshops, newsletters and sports competitions. Many companies  request tailor wellness programmes to suit different types of employee like nutritional and mental health counselling. One can run a programme that focuses on specific risk factors for senior management and a more broad-based approach for other employees. In both instances a regular employee health assessment can greatly inform individuals and the employer about risks to health – and what should be done to reduce the risk of chronic disease. IVH PALS takes a holistic approach to promote a positive environment through collaborative care and wellness management in employees. The initiative is seen as a catalyst to improve the health standards of the employees thereby reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity.

The IVH PALS Programme is directly aimed at the following outputs:

  • Improve performance and productivity and reduce indirect costs such as absenteeism and presenteeism (on-the-job effectiveness).
  • Cut the healthcare costs of employees (present & retired) and employers
  • Improve the quality of patient treatment journey and experience
  • Be more attractive places for people to work.
  • Be more socially responsible and to improve their corporate image.


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