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About IVH

India is recognized as a high quality and cost effective medical travelers’ destination throughout the world. However, there are glaring gaps in the services that leave patients & their care at a disadvantage leading to sub- optimal services and low patient satisfaction level.

India Virtual Hospital (IVH) is a tech-enabled specialised Medical Concierge Service addressing the needs of Medical Travelers (domestic & international) looking for quality medical treatments in Indian Hospitals and Health Care Centres. A professional organisation with doctors, healthcare professionals, patient guides on board, IVH team is trained to support and help patients to manage their medical and surgical care away from home. It helps patients to take an informed decision with expert consultations, working out the best medical travel plan, coordinating with the hospital team for hospitalization & procedure and providing much-required counseling for patients & their family members along with post-operation recovery needs and services.

The Patients’ advocate, guide and partner, IVH takes responsibility for high-end experience and care during the whole patient journey with an unbiased and neutral approach. It provides confidence, support, and reassurance at a time when the patients’ need to put all their energies and thoughts toward preparing for procedures and having a stress-free recovery.

With technology at the core to make patients empowered and for seamless experience, IVH is investing in technology and processes to provide consistent support to prospective patients both before they are on board and after they have been discharged. It aims to build a long term engagement with them leveraging technology.

Our mission is to help medical travelers (international & domestic patients) to make an informed decision, find the right healthcare solution and to provide them seamless experience through their patient journey. With technology as the backbone, we do this through dedication and professional commitment of our India Virtual Hospital team.

To make India Virtual Hospital, a global leader and a name to reckon with when it comes to patient care and medical travelers for our quality service, unbiased approach and utmost commitment towards medical travelers
and their care.

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