Why India

India has grown to become a leading player in the medical tourism industry. India’s medical industry is valued at US$ 3 billion and is expected to reach $7-8 Billion by 2020.

The source of medical tourists are majorly from countries like Afghanistan and Bangladesh (34% of total arrivals) and patients from Africa, GCC and CIS nations currently comprise of only 30% of the total arrivals. Among the various factors that make India a lucrative destination for medical travelers are:

Competitive Costs – The cost of treatments is only a fraction of what it is in developed nations, like the US, Europe etc. The cost of a heart surgery in the US or Europe are about $6000 whereas the same procedure can cost about $30000 in the US. Similarly, a bone marrow transplant which costs about $2,50,000 in the US can be done at $69,200 in India. The staggering differences in prices for various quality treatments lure tourists to avail them.

International standards– While being cost effective, the facilities are internationally accredited and state-of-the-art. There are 30 JCI accredited hospitals providing quality treatment to international & domestic patients.

Expertise– The trust established by the highly qualified physicians and surgeons having years of experience, among the international and domestic tourists seeking treatments in India is another reason why India is a preferred destination.

No Waiting– Unlike in certain nations, where certain procedures have months and even years of waiting lines, treatments in India pass up the waiting lists and patients can seek treatment without having to wait.

Attractive Travel Packages– Tailor-made or personalized services can assist medical travelers to combine treatment and travel so they can also engage in the culture and beauty of the place.

Holistic Care & Alternative Medicine– With alternative therapies like ayurveda, yoga and meditation in practice since several thousands of years, medical tourists can opt for such treatments and experience a holistic recovery.

Language Barrier– Despite the diversity of languages spoken across the country, English is widely spoken and is an official language in India. Also, translators are easily available to facilitate the tourists from across the world.

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